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Why Hugo?

Making insurance that works for everyone.

Intelligent planswith micropayments

Our smart recommendations system gets you on the right plan, buying as little as 3 days at a time.

A revolutionaryon-demand model

Turn your insurance on when you need it, save money when you don’t.

Freedom fromdown payments

Buy 3 days to start, withdraw your money at no cost if you need it.

Payment plansfor every budget

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Great if you don’t drive every day and want liability coverage.

Unlimited Basic

Great if you drive most days, and want liability coverage on a budget-friendly payment plan.

Unlimited Full

Great if you want full coverage, on a budget-friendly payment plan.

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$0 down payment
Flexible micropayments
Simple daily rate
Earn instant cash rewards
Pay as you go
Monitors your driving
Instant Proof of Insurance
No upfront fees
Turn off, pay $0*

*Flex plans only. Turning insurance off may result in a rate increase or state penalty for drivers on Basic or Full plans.

Truly unique.

Backed by Founders Fund and Canaan, we’re on a mission to make car insurance accessible for everyone.

A real solution

Built from the ground-up with you in mind, we’re always listening, always improving.

Focusing on what matters

We do everything we can to keep your money in your pocket.

Acting local, going global

We launched, tested and honed Hugo to meet real needs without compromising on quality. Now we’re growing - fast.

A best-in-classexperience

90% of our users rate us as Excellent on Trustpilot.

Aug’22 Trustpilot rating

Hugo allowed me to pay for car insurance without going into debt.

Hugo helped me insure a car that I rarely used and saved me money in the process.

Using Hugo was a great experience. Very convenient and easy to use. Perfect for driver’s on a budget!

Paying for insurance by the day finally made insurance affordable.

Since I’m pregnant and a stay at home mom, saving money is a priority for emergencies.

Hugo wasn't as intimidating as more known insurance companies.

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